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Scratch Putting

Putting is One Half of the Game of Golf.

You need to learn how to putt better if you ever hope to play your personal best.  If you were to play a great round of golf and hit the middle of every fairway and then land every shot on the green, you would then need to two putt every green in order to shoot par.  If you were playing eighteen holes that would require you to have 36 putts.  For every three putt that you make, you would need to sink a birdie putt to average 36 putts.

There was a time when I was a terrible putter.  I learned some training tips from my brother that forever changed the way that I practice putting.  My personal best, so far, is just 22 putts for 18 holes.  To put that into context, the average number of putts per round for a tour player is 32 putts per round.  To be clear, I did not shoot 14 under par that day. Most of those one-putts were not birdie putts.  They were "one-putts" to save par.  (Chipping close and one-putting is arguably one of the best ways to lower your golf score).

I can teach you the same practice putting secrets that can dramatically lower your golf score and handicap.  Learning how to chip it close and one putt is what separates the pros and good golfers from the hacks.

I have helped many terrible and average golfers to become incredible putters with just one lesson using my Scratch Putting Practice System.  To schedule your 1-hour one-on-one Scratch Putting Lesson, phone 801-414-6136.  Just $72.  



The absolute quickest way to lower your golf score and increase your confidence is to improve you putting skills.  Fear no putt.  Putt everything.  "Good Good," "that's a gimmie," is only for match play golf.  Imagine that the NFL (National Football League) began giving the other team a three point field goal without requiring the field goal kicker to actually kick the ball through the goal posts.  Suppose that one team told the other team, it's a gimmie chip shot so in the interest of time don't bother kicking it and we will just concede you the three points.  But what is exactly what golfers do to each other every day.

When I pay to play a round of golf, I want to play the whole round of golf and putt everything.  Sometimes when I am playing with recreational golfers, if I have a long putt and I lag it close, some idiots will pick it up or knock the ball back to me and say "that's good."  Nothing pisses me off more than someone cheating me out of what I paid for.  I want to knock every ball into the cup.  I have missed some short "tap in" putts.  Don't let anyone cheat you out of your real score.  You cannot post your score (develop a real golf handicap) unless you putt everything.

If you are a serious golfer and want to get better you should strive to play the game and follow all of the rules.  For several years I have played with golfers who give themselves a putt if it is "within" the leather.  They actually put the putter head into the golf hole and put the grip of the club down on the putting surface.  If the ball is with the grip of the club, they don't have to make the putt.  What a sorry excuse for not being brave enough to attempt the putt and live with the outcome.

If the people that you play with have the habit of conceding short putts and you are comfortable getting credit for something that you don't deserve, than you are not serious about playing real golf and shooting your personal best golf.  I have an acquaintance who shot a very low score...a supposedly"66."  But I know for a fact that he routinely does not finish the hole and picks up short "makeable" putts.  Many of those putts are also "miss able."  Don't cheat yourself by giving yourself a putt that you did not take.  If you want to get good at golf...get serious and only play with people who make you putt everything.

*(note: In match play tournaments (which most golfers will never qualify to play in) a player may concede a short put as a courtesy. 

The Quickest Way to Lower Your Golf Score is to Learn How to Putt.

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18 Birdies

Imagine for a moment that you had 18 birdie putts in one round.  How would it be to hit every green in regulation?  In all probability those putts would be from a variety of distances from the hole.  Could you two-putt every hole?  Would you have some three-putts?  How many one putts could you make?  I routinely practice putting and challenge myself with 18 long, difficult putts on the practice green.  My first goal is to be able to make sure that I can two-putt all eighteen practice holes.  I am most often able to lag all of my putts close enough to tap in for a total of two putts per hole.  Sometimes I drain a long putt and I am "one under" for the moment.  My lowest score so far is being able to get to seven under.  I am usually practicing putts in the range of 25 to 30 feet.  If I practice in the 15 to 20 foot distance, I can usually get to three or four under.  I hate it anytime that I make a three putt by missing a short makable putt.

Practicing in this method can go a long way towards boosting confidence on the golf course.  The picture above reminds me of my hit every green in regulation and have eighteen birdie putts.  I have had numerous rounds where I have hit all nine greens on the front nine or the back nine, but I have never accomplished all eighteen in one round.  I have come close...very close.  Seventeen out of eighteen.  One of my personal goals this year is to hit every green in regulation.

Goal setting is a powerful tool for focusing and tapping into the power of the sub-conscious mind.  Look forward to some upcoming blogs where I discuss more on the power of positive thinking.  Change Your Mind...Change Your Golf Game.

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