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                        72 Tips on Playing Your Best Golf Ever  
                      How I Quit Playing Bad Golf for Good

The Journey From Hack Golfer to Scratch Player is a Course of 72 Steps that if properly applied, can greatly improve your golf playing ability.  It took me about 1,000 rounds of bad golf, then mediocre golf, then I discovered an incredible golf hack (trick) that allowed me to play my best round ever...shot a 76, then I continued my journey and eventually played consistently in the low seventies.  Then I fiinally lowered my handicap to a zero index (scratch golf).  If I can do can do it.

Your Best Round Ever.

Maybe you cannot get all the way down to zero index... but you can definitely shoot your best round ever.  


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The Journey from "Hacker" to Scratch Player Begins with One Simple Step.  Step One:  Belief.

Good, Better, Best, Great Golf. The Journey of a Thousand Rounds.  Would you like to learn how several golfers have been able to take 20 to 30 strokes off of their normal golf score without changing a swing. 


Challenge: The truth is that most golfers are frustrated and do not believe that they are capable of ever shooting a quality round of golf.  Only one percent of golfers will ever be able to shoot a round of golf in the seventies. 99% of all golfers are stuck in the mid 80's and up to the high 90's or higher.  Only 1% of golfers will ever be able to play a "clean" round of golf (no mulligans, no breakfast balls, putt everything, play by all the rules).  Most golfers do not even know most of the golf rules.  No gimmies...putt everything.

The truth of the matter is that most golfers have to make up their own local rules.  And if the truth were told and they counted every stroke and followed all of the rules, their real golf score would probably be much higher than what they report.


From hack to scratch golfer.  OK here we go. Would you like to go on a journey? This journey can take you to a place that every golfer wants to go, but very few golfers will ever make the journey.  Arnold Palmer once made the statement that he could take a person with average athleticism and in one year have that person ready to play competitive golf at a high level. I am here to tell you that it is possible. I believe that I can help almost anyone to improve their golf game to a level that will bring much more joy and satisfaction. I believe that it is possible. I am living proof.  Playing golf regularly in the seventies and occasionally in the sixties is a real blast.  There was a time when I could not even fathom the possibility that I could play a round of golf in the 70s.  Then it happened, I discovered a golf hack.  A Trick…a secret that allowed me to dramatically lower my average score.  It happened and I believe that anyone who is determined to achieve the ability to play good golf can do it too.  This secret is available to anyone with an open mind.  And you do not have to spend a fortune on expensive new clubs or years and years of golf instruction and living on the driving range and the putting green.  This secret is available to anyone with an open mind.  In fact that is the secret that allowed me to lower my golf score by exactly 30 strokes in one week.

The story of how I was able to shave 30 strokes off my golf game will amaze you and will set the stage for training your sub-conscious brain how to start creating the positive results that you are looking for. The first lesson is absolutely at no cost... and will be available on my blog post... coming very soon.

If you would like to schedule a nine hole or eighteen hole playing lesson or a one-hour private golf lesson, phone 801-414-6136.

Have a GoOd LiFe.


Addicted to Bad Golf?

Do you have a golfing problem?  Is bad golf affecting your relationships, your work, or your happiness?  Golf, especially bad golf, can be detrimental to your health and well-being.  Just like addictions to alcohol, illicit drugs, or gambling, bad golf can develop into a never-ending downward spiral of loss of self-worth, depression, thoughts of suicide or self-harm, issues with anger management, and mental health issues.  Bad golf can lead to many other obsessive-compulsive disorders and delusional derangements.  Some bad golfers finding themselves playing golf more and enjoying it less.  To make matters worse, addiction to bad golf is often combined with other compulsive and addictive behaviors such as betting and gambling while playing bad golf.  One of the worse things that a bad golfer can do is drinking alcohol while driving a golf ball or putting.  Many bad golfers may also find themselves constantly buying new and expensive golf equipment in a futile belief that a new set of irons, a new driver or a new$400 putter will magically cure their golf woes.  Fortunately, there is a cure for bad golf self-abuse.  You can learn how to play good, better, and your best golf.  You can overcome your addiction to bad golf for good.  If you have a bad golfing habit and want help phone us today and get some professional help.  Phone 801-953-4364.


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The Scratch Golf Course

The Scratch Golf Course is a Training Program for People Who Want to Play Their Personal Best and Quit Playing Bad Golf for Good

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